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4ft Shrimp Tank

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I've got a 4ft, 3 partitioned tank which I used for breeding shrimp for sale. It's got 3 partitions as you can see, so you can keep 3 types of shrimp. I kept yellow reds and CRS, but you can use it for whatever you want.

I'm letting it go for $60 now $45, one of the partitions still has some shrimp soil in it, also a few tiny Yellow Shrimp which I can't get out, there could be up to 20, I've got no idea.

There were 30 shrimp in there, what an opportunity missed.

Theo 0414581593


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Yeah sorry, I'm getting a bit irritable in my old age and I didn't realise where you were coming from until I replied. I was just cranky because I didn't think it would take so long to sell a 4ft tank for that price and I'd had a few people already asking me if it came with a stand and lights etc. I'm still getting those questions actually. Also a guy didn't show up which made me even worse.

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