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20140402_203404_zps2bubjgyt.jpgHi guys, new to the forum and to freshwater fish in general. I had a fairly successful reef tank a few years back, but life got in the way amd I parted it out. Gave up the hobby for a few years after that.

I have recently been given a tank which has reignited my interest, but I have decided to give freshwater a go this time.

I need to build a stand for this tank, and im looking at using galvanized RHS as a frame. Im just after some ideas on how to sheet the outside after the frame is built. I was hoping to go a high gloss finish, with doors in the front. Do I just sheet with mdf and then finish it all in an automotive 2pac, or is there a simpler solution? Its a relatively odd shaped tank, so I dont think there would be too much off the shelf available. I'd just give it a miss and track down a nice 4 footer but it just fits where it is going perfectly, so id like to persevere if its feasible.

Heres a quick pic anyway, excuse the state its in, I just dug it out of my mums shed.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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