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Question about Oxygenation / General Update

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Hi Everybody,

Ive been a bit inactive lately due to just plain business of life, full time uni, crazy hours with work and a suprise baby on the way.

Anyways the tanks been plugging along quite well lately, very stable, plants growing heaps, cutting them down heaps. Looks quite nice if I say so myself ;)


In the tank there was a previous thread about particles in the water and a dead spot in the tank. We ended up adding the 1000lph internal filter and god it has had a great effect. The dead spot is gone and the particles dissapear from the water much quicker. To finish the job off i just need to add some fine filter wool to pick up the last scraps.

Now my question about oxygenation. Lately the spray bar has been falling off the tank wall as the suction caps are going bad. Sooo this afternoon I cracked the ****s with it and just pulled it out and left a bare output in the tank pointed slightly at the waters surface. Just wondering if this will airate the tank enough? I assume the CO2 loss will be less than with a spray bar so I'll have to keep an eye on the drop counter to see what happens there.

Because I feel photos would be almost useless in trying to descibe how much the water is rippled, heres a video. Is this enough?

P.S. This video may take a long time to upload from my home connection so the link may not work right away. Sorry

Edit: Sorry about the video not being too clear.. looked much better before youtube. Despite that you can still get a feeling for the surface ripples

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