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L201 breeding pair 8cm +

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breeding pair of L201 for sale. Female is source locally (from Brenda) and male is from north Queensland.

both are 8cm+ and eating like a pig. (feeding them on sera viformo, sera flora, hikari algae wafers, sinking wafers and zucchini. aka they eat everything...)(oops forgot new era pleco pellets as well)


not the best pic, but male is the one looking at you, female is the one in the D-cave.

please PM me your offer, due to lack of time will ONLY reply to your pm if your price is dear to me.

will comment on this thread if the pair is sold.

EDIT 14/4/2014 10:13pm

Got many pm asking how much I want for this pair...hmm...3cm L201 juv is selling at $65, and ~10 fries in 1 batch so that's $650, so looking for offer that's over $650. not looking for swap, cash only thanks!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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