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My 3x18x18 Setup - Comments / Suggestions Please

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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and was looking at getting some feedback on my setup.

My brother originally gave me his 2x18x18 complete setup and I have since upgraded to the 3x18x18

Current inhabitants are as follows:

4x Angelfish

2x Sterbai Cory

3x Peppered Cory

3x Albino Cory

4x Clown Loach

5x Molly's

5x Moss Green Tiger Barb

1x Albino Plecostomus (Is this a just a fancy name for Albino Bristlenose?)

3x Blue Ram

I know its a little overstocked, so i am in the process of building a sump for it.

Not sure what the plants are called but I have cut a couple of them down and tied them onto new rocks

I would love to get a nice piece of driftwood to place in the background and have a little more eye candy higher up in the tank


Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions.



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looks good. i wouldnt bother with a sump for such a small tank thou, canister filter is so much easier and will do the job fine

I'd have to disagree, a well made sump is always going to be easier than a canister in the long run

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You can put a lid on a sump to stop evaporation. And if you are doing regular water changes you shouldn't have to worry about evaporation over long periods of time

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback.

I decided to go with a sump rather than cannister due to the cost. The sump is seemingly cheaper to build as I have the majority of the parts on hand.

Another deciding factor was that we are moving house shortly and I want to upgrade to a 6ft tank at some stage, and will probably use the old 3ft as the sump so I was wanting to get a feel for how they work and if it would be very effective in my case.

At the moment I have rigged up a basic sump. The overflow runs to a bucket sitting in a storage container under the tank, the bucket is filled with ceramic rings with filter wool on top, it has holes drilled around the bottom edge of it for the water to flow out of, then the water is pumped back up to the main tank from the storage container. I have also moved the heater to the sump to make some more room in the tank.

Heres a quick photo of it.


I am doing water changes every weekend. I used to drain the tank about 30% then fill it back up. Now I have the overflow pipe I just redirect it then add the new water. Does anyone have any comments if this is the best way to do it and how to know how much water that i am actually changing? I noticed that if i do it this way the fish dont get as stressed like when I drain then fill.

The angels are probably 2 - 3 years old now. They have grown heaps since my brother gave them to me. Like doubled in size. The zebra angels like to fight and I think the black one is female, probably why they are fighting.



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