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First planted tank.. 4f

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Hi, I'm going to be working on getting a 4 f tank to be a stunning planted tank.

I have an idea on what I want it to look like, what fish I have/want in the tank.

I have 3 types of rams, two types of kahuli loaches an will have L002 in there as well. I'll be looking at getting 3 -4 discus. I have a wonderful bit of driftwood ( looks like a tree, exactly what I want) an maybe some shrimp

My end game is to make it look like the underbrush of a lush green forest.

Now I know I need co2, ( getting that off a friend) an soil sub.

I have had a problem with soil sub an a canister filter where my cories, bristle noses, an loaches kicked up that much sub that its clogged the filter media ( to the point of mud) I'm wondering would it be better to sump the tank? There is room enough for a 2f sump at either end.

Also what kind of plants should I look at getting ( simple names as well as their scientific names, I'll will look them up) ? I'll be setting up a 3f tank as the plant tank till I have all the information an things I need for the 4f. I will do a ruff sketch as to what I want in the long run.

Thx in advance. XD

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Well most if my b/n will be in breeding tanks when I do this 4f anyways. I have found that the kahulis are the best, they don't tend to dig in as much as the cories do ( except the panda cory cause its less than half the size of the other two.) That's why I was thinking about a sump, and/or a thick layer if 3mm gravel ( but the same color as the sub cause I'm OCD about that. Lol)

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If you use fine gravel only (2 to 5 mm) as substrate, your plants will grow just fine.

And there's no problem with stuff getting

into filters when fish dig around in it.

Start out with hardy plants like Amazon swords, Java fern,

Anubia, Crypts, Vallis; stem plants like Ludwigia, Bacopa, Ambulia,Milfoil.

With co2 and fertilisation you'll have lush growth in no time.

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OK Thx

The only other thing I'm worried about it keeping the pH at a low level for the fish, bit in saying that I know the driftwood, almond leaves, co² an plant debris will help keep it low.

Still should I sump? Or what size canister should I use? ( there maybe an African butterfly or two so cant have strong current)

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