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Native selection, sooty vs mangrove jack

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Hey everyone,

Trying to figure out a suitable species to go in my 5 foot tank.

I want a native that's aggresive and grows large.

Will only be keeping the one fish in the tank.

The sooty grunter I've heard is quite aggressive and I don't mind their look. Not expensive either.

A mangrove jack is another obvious choice.

Has anyone information/expirence keeping on these species?

Which would you rather?


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If you are planning to keep the MJ long term you will need a bigger tank (imo). Sooty's are great never owned one personally but my uncle use to, was my favorite fish growing up. Your other choices are Barramundi (not so aggressive, just will eat anything that can fit in its mouth), Murray Cod (usually prefer colder climates tho) and a Saratoga (you can usually get away with catfish in the same tank also)

Sorry to take the topic off track just some other options for you. My person choice would be a sooty in tannin water :)

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