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hold or strip

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I've got a leptosma mpulungu girl and a Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis girl holding for about a week now should i strip or let them hold and move to there own tank

thanks nathan

let them do their own thing in their own tank is what im moving towards. once you get to many girls holding then you get a problem going this way. my fryeri dont like getting stripped and my yellows will hold no matter what, i got 10-12 spawns of my yellows released in a 4ft with a divider the fry could swim through, and my last of 2 fryeri i could never tell when it released, i tryed pulling it out early, it still had undeleveoped fry, next thing you know it spat and was probs eating my fry for a few days.

if you only have two, separate them and they shouldnt eat their fry if you pay attention. even better if your can spoil that girl for a week after she spit.

im still trying to get it right but i guess you have to do what it takes to look after your girls that are giving you fry, regardless of what is the normal practice.

still trying to get it better.

n space don't come out of thin air..



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hahah i know shon ill get them off you soon mate ;)

I've got both colonys in the same tank so ill try my luck with letting them spit naturally thanks guys

I've got a couple of juvie leptsomas in there from the last mouthful dam they grow so slow!!!!!!

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