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My Boys are moving House!!

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Ive had these guys since they were about 1 1/2 in long


About 10 months now with the bigger Oscar (Albino) about 11 in long, The Tiger is about 9 and the Severum about 8in. I also got this beautiful Jag about 3 months ago and he would be 6 in long


Anyway they've been living in my 5ft Juwel and now they're MOVING!!! into....

an 8 FOOT TANK!!!


Happy days... Hopefully I will be able to also get a Green Terror, Synspillum, Texas and Red Devil to stock it out.... have I forgotten anyone.

The Tanks is an 8x2x2 and I will be running an eheim 2260 and an ehieim 2180 plus a couple of power heads for water movement... Do you think that will be adequate?

Cheers for looking and I look forward to your feedback



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