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We've just recently joined the forum and thought we'd send a few pic's of various angelfish projects we're working on. We've been studying angelfish genetics for some time and realised many of the amazing forms not available in Australia were actually possible by stacking various genetic features, but it takes generations crosses and back crosses. We only have angels in our fish room and are striving to produce some really rare phenotypes as well as representative wild forms. Our hobby has gone a little out of control!

F1 Red-backed Manacapuru (lake form). Parents wild caught stock through Glaser Germany


Philippine blue smokey veil, juvenile spawned at Christmas from three generations to bring the blue smokey and veil genes together.


Platinum pearlscale spawned in 2011, offspring now maturing into lovely veil platinum marbles


Albino silver pearlscale breeder male F1 from imports now crossed into blue, veil and black - stunning fish and endless possibilities


Pinoy lace angelfish - three years of line breeding to combine various traits. The fish is still very young but will mature to an irredescent blue black


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Hi,your angels are truly beautiful and I am currently keeping a georgous school of wildcaught Peruvian 'Altums'(Scalare),one with amazing purple and red fins and some quite georgous little Blues with amazing color,I just bought.

Do you ship any of your fish interstate,as the first ones with the red back and the Albino Pearlscale are captivating?......By the way,have you ever seen a truly Blue Pearlscale?These would be stunning,

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