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de viss

breeding setup

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first image is a 10 foot wooden stand with

1 x 6x1/12 foot tank

1 x 4x1/12 foot tank

3 x 100cm x 50cm divided into 6 custom made can divide in to smaller tanks again

3 x 100cm x 25cm custom made can divided into 6 can divide in to smaller tanks again

2 x 2foot tanks

1 x 1foot tank

2 x sump pumps

+ air powered sponge filters

second image steel and wooden stand with

+ air powered sponge filters

3 divided into 6 tanks @ 100cm by I believe 80cm tanks custom made can not changed

1 x I believe it's 4 foot by 2 foot sump with sump pump and enough filter media for sump 2 times over

third image steel stand with

+ air powered sponge filters

2 x 6x2x2 tanks

all fits into a single car garage all is run off LP40 air filter also included

heap off lights not sure which ones work

sorry for rough measurements I have lost my tape measure

for sale $1,500 the lot ONO call stew on 0466591796 or pm me and I will get back to you as soon as I only check my inbox 2 times a day

I cannot help with move as I have hurt my back and cannot lift sorry but this is the reason I am selling up

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First photo everything in it and the airpump $350

Second photo with the sump $500

Third photo $400

Can deal on any or all

if someone wants to buy everything I will sell all for $900 kinda buy 2 get 1 free

May also be interested in selling an 8foot with lights filter sand and stock together including fish $2000 (all 3 photos plus an 8×2×2)can put photos of the 8foot up on request

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