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Sewellia lineolata sp spotted (Tiger Hillstream Loach)

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My adults have been breeding and I have some grown up juveniles for sale.

I won't shift on price. But I will swap for pure(ish) endlers.

These are the SPOTTED ones, which grow larger than the striped ones.

They will go great in any community or planted tank. These have been known to breed in the tanks of other people who have bought from me before, so I wouldn't be surprised if they breed for you too. In a community tank with a lot of fish activity (and a few other sewellia) these guys will be out on the glass and gravel constantly munching on algae. They feed on zucchini, algae drops, high protein crumble, and any other food that gets down their way (occasional blood worms, flake).

They survived through the summer with water temps not dropping below 30 degrees for days at a time. I had high amounts of water movement and aeration at those time, though. They also love colder temperatures (20-24 is no problems).

For those with Tapatalk:

REGION: Inner South Brisbane

PRICE : $15ea

QTY : a few

SIZE : 3cm +

SEX : mixed

CONTACT : Matt (me :-) ) -- PM , text, phone: 0404 876 288

Also known as borneo sucker, hillstream loach, butterfly plec, sewellia lineolata spotted

The below images show my big adult male in the middle of his two big females, with a bunch of others that are also breeding. There are a few different bloodlines in the tanks. The bottom image is of some of the guys for sale.



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Plenty available. I'm breeding the spotted ones constantly, but trying to get my stripey guys into the mood-for-love is proving more awkward. Might try turning the lights off in their tank so the girls don't get Coyote-Ugly on the boys.

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The stripy sewellia are breeding again. I have 6-10 that should be ready by xmas. And by Feb I'll have 20+

(some people call them Tiger hillstream or tigers)

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I still have lots of spotted ones if any one wants to get some.

Will swap for true pure endlers, bulkheads, pvc stuff, sump media (i want to sump my tanks).

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