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FS Fake coral and gear

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Hey guys i have some fake coral and some gear that i want to get rid of:

1 x 2ft x 1ft x 1/2ft

1 x fluval filter

1 x air stone stick

7 x fake coral pieces

2 x half logs

1 x piece of wood

1 x 1/2 full bottle of melafix

1 x almost full bottle of

1 x half full bag of aquarium salt

2 x rocks

1 x net

4 x sheets of Styrofoam for tanks (only 1 4ft piece is not broken, there is 2 4ft and 2 3ft)

Take all for $90


Take all coral, rocks and log for $55

Filter $15

Take all medication for $10

Net $5

Tank $15 (has a glass top not cut to size though)

Air stone stick $5

Sheets of styrofoam $10 for all


Pm if interested in anything.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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