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How to use seachem denitrate??

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I am interested in trying seachem denitrate to help keep my nitrates down. The instructions for denitrate state that it is only effective in a filter with a flow rate less then 50gph. I am using a canister filter but was thinking I could add a small corner filter and put denitrate in it? Just wandering if anyone knows if this would be successful?? Or of any other ways to lower nitrates in aquarium (other than water changes), I have been reading about the aquaripure nitrate filter also but not sure about it.

I have five discus in a 200 litre aquarium and I'm doing daily water changes, if I don't the nitrates quickly rise to 40ppm.

I have also added seachem matrix to my canister filter which seachem recommended I try but it hasn't had any effect on the nitrates.

Any help would be appreciated!

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