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new African tank

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Hi all, I decided to setup an African tank today.

Tank is 4x18x18.

Filtration is two large sponges and an Otto 800lph internal for now.

Substrate is a mix of coral rubble and matrix.

Decorated with some gaudy fake coral I got for a steal from Donny.

Stock is 53 salousi at 2-5cm that I got from the pond, some 2cm males are starting to change colour, i knew I had great bloodlines lol.

I will be adding some ob peacocks (If anyone knows where I could find some good ones please) and thinning out the colony of salousi as they grow and I will end up with 2 males and 10 females

Hope you enjoy

Cheers mickDSC_0023_zpssxixpxim.jpgDSC_0022_zpsotn7yazs.jpg

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The back of the tank is painted white, i bought it like that and I've only had black or blue before so I thought I would give it a go.

The colour of the fish seems to pop on the white background for some reason.

No more room for holey rock, the coral sits off the back wall so the fish have more room to hide if they feel the need.

Cheers mick.

PS, thanks Mike for the offer. Pm fired away

Cheers mick

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My mistake I seen the cord and assumed it was the white wall. With the holy rock to replace the fake coral. IMO you buy cichlids to look at and be the main feature not the scape.

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