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Fish size for 4ft?

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Hey all newbie here,

Just got a 4x2x2 setup and want to keep just a single predatory fish in it.

Just wondering what size of fish I can keep in this tank fully grown (ie like 30 or 40cm etc) as I want to keep a fish happy and healthy for its life time.

Reason I ask is so I can start looking for fish that come in at or under the size limit for my tank. Really like peacock bass but after just buying a house I can't afford to house one perminatley at the moment!

Any help is greatly appriciated!

Thanks in advance, Andrew

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Dovi max out at close to 60cm, personally I don't think its your best choice...unless you want to upgrade later. As others have said, A lone red devil would be nice, otherwise a large Green Terror or Texas would work. If native's are your thing a single grunter would be cool.

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Thanks for all the input guys I'll look into all ofthose!

Was also thinking about sleepy cod but they get a lil on the large size too!

This might be a dumb question but is there a certain type of peacock bass that grows smaller than the rest that I could keep in it?

Or do they all grow to be monsters?

So for the silly questions.

Any help is greatly appriciated,

Thanks, Andrew

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