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New 55L setup - advice please :)

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Hello :)

I have recently got hold of a nice 2' x 1' tank for a good price and want to set it up as a community tank. I have a list of fish I would like to keep, but realise they may not all be suitable for this setup. We already have a heap of Aulonocara, and this will be 'my' tank of variety :P

I'm in the NT, so no heating required.

Haven't got a kit to test water hardness, but we suspect it is on the harder side. I'd prefer not to use treatments to soften the water.

Tap pH is 8.0

Filtration will be 500L/h hang on filter - already cycled on another tank

Lighting - looking at back clip on Ista LED Energy Saving Clip on light 36cm (white) - $65.00 : On-Line Shopping, Australia

Substrate - Pisces diamond black quartz gravel

Plants - would like to, and especially if my chosen fish prefer plants

Would appreciate suggestions on my list. I basically looked through LiveFish to see what I could get, but if I can get fish locally I will do that. I have done a bit of research already, and know I will need to rule some out, so am looking to narrow down the list really.

The fish I really really want in there are:


A shrimp or 2

X Black Ghost knife X not suitable

Others I am considering that should work:

Sucking catfish - suggestion welcome


Red-tail shark


Others I would like, but probably won't work (please let me know if they would)

Barbs (cherry, checkered, ruby, melon) - will tank be too small?

Corydoras - need softer water, lower pH

Glass catfish - get too big, tank would be too small

Electric Blue ram - needs softer water, bigger tank?

Killifish - prefer softer water

Rasbora - need at least 8 fish, like softer water

Thanks in advance :D

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Ok, so lets forget about the ghost knife. Comments on the suitability and combinations of the rest?

I just went to our local LFS and found most of everything on the list but not overly confident on the knowledge of most of the staff.

Also, we already have a 6ft for the peacocks plus a pond set-up.. not enough space for another large set up :(

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