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So I'm going to pick up 3 juvenile Hongis today from a friend who lives around 15 mins away..

They are going a 2 foot until they get a bit bigger then I'll be getting a 4foot+ for them!

My question to you good members of QLDAF is "do I need any additives to transport them?"

I.e a teaspoon of salt

Or something like a stress guard water treatment with aloe?

Or should I just be good in catching them and putting them in some ziplock bags then just the normal accumulation process?

Just have never got fish from anyone before, just lfs and online..

Cheers guys

Nate =]

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Agree.. We just transported 100+ peacocks over a 4 hour drive and only lost about 10 due to a few poorly tied bags. We did treat with stress guard as a precaution, but we have purchased fish and made the 3 hour drive just with properly tied bags and the pet shop water with no troubles at all.

They should be fine :)

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