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4ft tank+ africans + accessories

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4 foot tank (has scratches) with hand made stand.

Comes with hang on filter, heater, etc.

Included are 1x electric yellow, 1x peacock, 1x red jewel and 1x severum (with deformed dorsal)

I am also including 2x small tanks (can be used as quarantine tanks) and a few fighter bowls and accessories.

Will include some food and chemicals, as well as replacement cartridge for the filter.

Price negotiable, will trade for discus, peppermint bristlenose, giant gourami juvie, or let me know what interesting fish you have to offer! Text is preferred method of contact on 0452 199 406.

$100.00 Price Drop. post-11950-14711631434746_thumb.jpg




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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