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Corydora laying eggs everywhere

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Lately my corys have been laying eggs absolutely everywhere. Does this mean that they are happy? They are in a community tank and I'm not allowed to have a second to put them in. I noticed a few eggs on this inside half of the magnetic glass cleaner so i carefully moved this half into a breeding net at the top of the tank. Nothing happened within a few days so I figured that they hadn't been fertilized?

I really don't know much about cory breeding. Is there anyway I could try and save the eggs say in a little breeding net or something? It seems such a waste to see them eaten, makes me sad everytime. Also I wish I could have another tank but like I said before .. its not an option :( .... just wait until I get my own house there will be tanks everywhere....

Thankyouuu :D

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you can try scraping them off the glass with a razor, if they are high enough as you scrape them let them fall into a breeding net, if they are too low to get the net under them use a small cup then put them into the breeding net, make sure there is water flowing through the net and not just sitting still, thats about it until they start to hatch


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I put mine in a plastic drink cup or similar with water (of course),use a peg to hold it on the side of your tank ,add bubbler .And most important add a drop of meth blue.they will hatch in about 4 days. keep an eye on the cup to make sure the eggs are moving & not going up.Good idea to change water a little with the same tank water every now & then.get rid of unfertilized eggs asap.they are the unhatched white ones.

Note : if you have lots of eggs as you seem to its a good idea to do multiple cups so as not to overcrowd .Good luck!

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Razor some off, place in an icecream container in water taken from the aquarium........ then add an airstone.

I usually hold the airline/airstone in place with a clothes peg.

And yea you can add a drop of meth blue to stop eggs going fungused.

This is often enough to hatch them out.

Daily partial water changes

and adding super finely powdered pellets in small amounts.

Once the fry are up to a cm or so

then move them to a floating or external mounted fry saver.

Get them a little bigger

and you can add them into the tank with adults.

cories are awesome.

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