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Gday again guys, recently i had posted issues i was having with high Ph in my newly set up plant/discus tank,

after setting up a few tests i took all your advice and buggered off a large amount of slate i had in the tank.

my Ph is now sitting fairly balanced on around 6.8-7.0 better than the previous 7.6-7.8. i notcied my plants are

not particularly thrving and after doing a KH/GH test its sitting at around 9 drops (after adding a softening pillow)

its was on around 12 drops! ive since added some more driftwood and pete moss, how do i get it down to where the

discus and plants will thrive and keep it there!

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Hi mate, the only way I can think of is using remineralised ro water and a buffering substrate.

If your using tap water and normal gravel there is no way to keep ph down without adding chemicals as the tap water would be around 7-8ph

Others may have other solutions as this is an expensive exercise but we'll worth it

Cheers mick

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yeah not using CO2, got java fern in there and another type of fern that are thriving, various anubias arnt too bad,

seems to be my swords doing the worse, one i threw out, and got three amazons just hanging in there. one was thriving

it even sprouted new plants everywhere but seems to be just dying off now. the only thing i can think of is the substrate

which is a type of black gravel, i know some are bad, but i did put some in a bucket, filled it and buffered it and my parameters

didnt change. is there a product other than discus buffer that specifically brings down the KH/GH? only other thing ive done recently out

of the norm is a put root tabs into the gravel, about 5 of, 550L aquarium...

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Get some co2 in there.

As long as the lights are up to the job you should have plenty of growth at that pH.

Co2 will also drop pH, so you dont want it too low before you start using it.

Over time planted tanks build up organics, which will naturally lower pH as well.

If you can get rainwater or RO

all the better.

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