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Hi all! Just re-did my 4ft Juwel Rio aquarium. I'm hoping it looks quite nice in a few months. I had also obtained a small 60L tank from my parents place when they moved house. I decided to try a DIY substrate seen on this forum by Beencees! Most of my plants came from him to, great quality, good price.. Something that LFS's in my area should strive to achieve.

My 4ft-

2x45w T5HO

Pressurised CO2

Ferts - Flourish Excel/Potassium/Iron, Seachem Flora


- Ludwiga Repens

- Rotala Wallichii

- Thin Val

- Anubias Barteri var. nana

- Java Fern (needle + normal)

- Crypt Wendtii, Undulatus, Willisii

- Fossiden Moss

- Dwarf Blyxa

- Staurogen Repens

- HC

- Lilliaepolis


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Some more pics, lots of the plants were old so I have replanted. Not to sure what the issue is with the Blyxa so any help would be appreciated. The substrate in this tank is flourite black sand.post-12395-14711631452654_thumb.jpg

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My 60L jungle tank using DIY substrate! Once everything starts growing I'm hoping it will just look mass planted. CO2 and ferts being used initially to speed up growth. The lighting is 1 24w compact fluorescent bulb therefore all plants in the tank are low light!

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