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EOI 8 Tank System

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Hey Guys,

I am clearing out all of my tanks plus everything else fishy I have. I have shown here my breeding set up which worked really well but I dont have the time anymore. As you can see all the fish are gone and I am needing to move this ASAP.

The set-up is pretty much complete other then the sump pump which I have already sold to help a mate out in dire need. It does come with a LP 100 which only operated for about a month.

The set-up consist of 6 x 90x45x45 + 2 x 180x60x60 and a 5 foot sump. Pallet racking obviously included.

Also i have

2 x 4x2x2 (one has cracks in the top piece of glass, still works well as grow out)

2x 4ft

5 x 3ft ( 3 are the same as the ones used in the system)

2 x 2ft

4 x 1 ½ft

2 x Mangrove Roots

Stands, Rocks, Substrate, Ornaments, Heaters, Air Pumps, Filters etc etc

Plus heaps of cold room panels to go once everything else is sold

PM me if you have any questions or to make an offer





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sump pump which I have already sold to help a mate out in dire need

stuck i was.. cheers...

This is a well set up system. very tidy and functional. no expense spared on the system particularly the sump.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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