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Hi all. New to this forum!

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Hi everyone, stumbled across this forum and thought I would join up. So to introduce myself. My name is Adam and I'm 21 years old and currently an apprentice electrician. I've been into fish tanks since a young age (though not always good at them). About 2- 2 1/2 years ago I was watching youtube vids about planted aquariums and I got hooked. At the time I was studying at uni and my big tanks were back at my parents house so i had to make do with a 40 Liter tank. Now that I am no longer studying I am playing around with my other tanks again :)

Currently I have a 5x2x2 that I am starting to prep into a planted aquarium and away from the African tank that it currently is. I also have a 2 foot with cherry shrimp and a 1 foot with yellow cherry shrimp.

I am hoping that this forum can give me lots of info on fish, plants and advice on all things aquarium related.

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell and hope to start interacting with everyone soon.



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