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Queensland Cichlid Group Meeting 2nd of May.

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Meeting will start at 8.00 pm at Bar Jai Hall 178 Alexandra Road Clayfield

The program schedule for the night:

Spawnings ,Losses ,Acquisitions and Fish for sale.

Dave will give a talk on his first fish tank. This is something we are keen to do more of in the future and is scheduled for around 5-10 minutes let somebody on the committee know or put it in the suggestion box (on the front table).

Nev will be showing us how to make a tank filler from copper pipe and hose fittings, Dave will show how to build one from plastic pipe and hose fittings.These allow you to fill your tank without having to hold the hose and also not stir up the tank as you fill it.

Bill will also have the new Apple I-Pad books from Ad Konings to show us.

The final program for the night is old fish cures and their efficacy. This will be a multi person presentation.

Also with our Auction next weekend all paper work and stickers will be available.

Everyone is Welcome

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Hi, I would like to get along to this meeting...my first. I've been wanting to meet other enthusiasts and hopefully put some faces to the usernames. I believe that I was once a member back in the early eighties?? When annerley aquarium was at cracknell road in annerly, we used to meet at Peter's? place on creek road at mt gravatt?

I will be coming straight from work and was wondering what time does the hall open and members/committee arrive. As I work at wynnum and finish around 1830-1845 it doesnt make much sense to drive home to samford and then back to clayfield?



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