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Tap adapter for non threaded tanks

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I bought one of these the other day. https://www.masters.com.au/product/901050335/neta-plain-tap-adaptor-20mm

If you like me and have a laundry spout that you cannot attach a hose to and would like to have the ability to use a hose indoors to fill your tanks then this is a great option. I didn't want to put an threaded adapter on the kitchen tap and also my laundry is the mid point between my garage and the display tank in the front room, so it made sense to add this to the Laundry spout and a hell of a lot easier/cheaper than changing the laundry spout to a threaded type, which is a hard to find and be the only ones I could find, bloody expensive.

Bunnings also sell a Nyelx version which is actually the one I bought as the clamp has an attached wing nut compared to the standard hose clamp nut which has to be tightened with a screw driver and this can be taken off easier by a flick of the wrist as it were.


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