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Aquarium Breeding Setup 20 Tanks. For Fish, Cichlids, Catfish etc

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All part of a central filtration system (with individual filters too)

2 banks of 4ft tanks (12 tanks) (including 2 tanks with 2 partitions, 2 with 3 partitions)and including stands

1 bank of 3ft tanks (4 tanks + 1 extra) and including stand

2x3ft Tanks

1 x 2'6"Tank

1x4ft bio-filter sump (4"x2"x2" with filter media)

20 tanks in total (including partitioned ones)

The tanks that are in the banks are all drilled and come with plumbing for the recirculation system, System includes filters, accessories, aeration ,pump etc..

Prefer to sell the lot together or at least banks of tanks

The 3 ft bank of tanks (4 tanks) selling at $250 and prepared to sell 1 or more banks separately, and even the loose tanks separately

but would prefer to sell the lot together or at least in banks of tanks.

THE LOT Negotiable.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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