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FS 4ft complete setup

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I will be very sad to see my tank go however i must sell it as i am leaving the country.

The setup includes;

4ft tank with pine stand and hood ( 1200x380x420)

Aqua One 1200 liter external filter

Otto 800 liter internal filter

300w heater

air pump and air stone

all fish

river rock


drift wood

2 small "hospital" tanks


3ft twin t5 light (only one bulb works)

The fish included;

2 Electric blues (breeding pair)

2 electric yellows

2 clown loaches

2 hongi

1 demasonsi

1 ghost knife fish

1 acei

1 red jewel

1 albino cichlid

1 common plecos

2 gold spot plecos

1 397 pleco

2 peacock cichlids (i think)

Selling for $400 ono

Pickup from South Brisbane

Contact me on 0468862102 for any inquiries


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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