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Mixed guppies + tank

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I am decommissioning my 4ft guppy tank due to a house move and restricted space.

Tank is 15" W x 18" H x 48" L. I bought it second hand, so it has some scratches in the bottom. It is sealed, no scratches on the sides, and I had new lids made about 6 months ago. One of the lids has a chip in the corner.

Adult guppies: $1.50 each

Guppy fry: $0.10 each

Plants (swords, java moss, random others that I don't know the name of): $15 for the lot

Tank: $80

Gravel: $10

All together: $180

It has a mixed guppy community in it that is currently breeding, so I have fish of all ages up for grabs.

There are many, many guppies. Most of the females have colourful tails.

They are a soup of different breeds that have been breeding for about 4 months. Original breeds put in the tank include:

  • Panda
  • Hybrid endler
  • Zebrinous snakeskin
  • Red tuxedo
  • Spanish dancer hybrid
  • Metallic rainbow

They have produced some absolutely beautiful fish, with most of the different tail types available, including flame tail (they don't throw this tail type every time, but every few rounds I get some).

You will need your own buckets/bags.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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