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fish netting material to make big fish nets

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Hi All,

I have a roll of very fine polyester mesh used to make fish nets that you sit into an IBC. the idea is that you just raise the net when you want to scoop the fish and so that all the fish are within a large net, and you don't spend hours trying to scoop the fish. I also have the nylon thread for sowing the net so that it would not fall apart in the water.

I am selling it cos I no longer keep fish.

I have attached a few photos and can instruct you how to make the nets. very easy and is a must have for anyone with large fish setups.

the mesh is 2mtr high x 20mtr long approx. The nylon thread is 1000mtr roll.

see pics.


PM me if you want it.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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