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African cichlids i breed

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Hey guys below is a list of fish i breed, as a few of you would know i setup a breeding rack a little while ago and since then have split my community tank into the rack and travelled far to get good quality bloodlines to mix in, now it's starting to come together :), i currently have alot growing out which i will include in the list, if you want to place orders i'm happy to take orders and put them aside for you. Thanks James 0400162125 pm reply

Electric Yellows (100+ fry growing out)

Mpanga (25+ fry growing out)

Maingano (25+ ready for sale, 30+ growing out)

Venustus (40+ growing out)

Electric blues

Mpimbwe frontosa (about to add to the collection)

Demasoni (my favorite 30+ growing out)

Will add photos as they start colouring up and get a little bigger.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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