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Plant and fern ID's please?

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Bulb plant I have had for quite a while


Big bunches of this fern Ive had for ages and keeps growing but no idea what it is. Leaf is kind of transparent like subwassertang.


And I know this is anubias nana, i have 2 of them but are there different types of the little guys? They're around an inch tall.


Would really like to know if anyone could tell me.


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Cheers Donny

Yea not sure if it's a crypt, bulb is big and only got the 2 new shoots recently.

Thanks for the bolbitis ID, just never seen it for sale before.

And just suspected nana cos they are around 5 year old plants and have never gotten any bigger thank 1 to 1.5 inches.

Thanks again

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Bulbitis will tend to have more transparent leaves under higher lighting. Not sure about shops but i usually have plenty for sale.

The Anubia appears to be afzelii although it could be a hybrid of some sort perhaps. It's not nana. Growth rates can be very slow on many Anubia types depending on location and environmental factors.

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Thanks beencees

Yea the fern looks a solid green until taken out of the tank. Yea i don't look for plants very often cos I have plenty but maybe in the future. Java fern is becoming a nice looking pest haha

I have about 4 species of anubias. With all this hybrid, conditions and such I think I'll just let them be. I thought Afzelii was much larger but anyway, I know you know your plants :-)

Sooo any chance of ID on the top pic??

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