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RCS + yellow sadle

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Hi all you shrimp heads :)

I have always only kept RCS for the purpose of helping raise SA/CA fry and help me with the gardening.

Anyhow, I have recently set up another hi-tech planted environment and have added nurtured a group of very red RCS to this tank.

Lately I have noticed a few different looking RCS within the group and would like to know what you guys think.

I know not much about shrimp so here a few questions...

1. Are these anything special (blurry iPhone pics below)?

2. Should I bother separating them out to line breed?

3. If yes to the above two questions, what would the 'hopeful' end result be?






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Hi ozmo, if you are only referring to the yellow saddle on their back I'm pretty sure it just means that they are getting ready to carry eggs and this is normal. Someone may correct me as I myself have only been keeping RCS for a couple months but mine usually have a yellow saddle for around a week then are carrying fertilised eggs like one of yours is in the third picture top right. Sorry if I read your questions wrong haha. Good luck.

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They have rilli genes to be coming out like that, you could separate them to line breed but it will take at least 4 generations to start breeding true.

Not really worth it for $5 shrimp imo.

If you want to keep your reds breeding true then cull these.

Cheers mick

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I have had some of my shrimp doing the same thing - not the yellow saddle but the red being patchy like that, with sort of bluish tinge to it, thought maybe I was doing something wrong but if is another gene then that is pretty cool imo :)

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