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Aquael Unbreakable Heater, overheating sensing - Another top item from Aquael

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Unbreakable - now that is pretty good - can't smash em.

Can't get burnt from them - not you or your fish.

Doing a water change and forget to turn it off or lower it into the water - no problem it has a thermal shut off to stop over heating will kick in if it is out of water and will restart heating when back in the water - pretty cleaver.

How about a couple of leds - Ever think that your heater was doing well not turning on saving power only to realise that it was not on or not working, not with the Aquael as it will light to say it is working as well as lights for temp.

Precise - yep they have that covered too +/- 1 degree and easy to set temp.

Not your made in China type a quality European made heater.

2 Years warranty and just what you would expect from Aquael.

They have a small foot print from 16cm-20cm in size and flat.

Perfect for turtles or fish that just want to argue with your heater - no burn - no breaky.

Black in colour and blends into your tank and does not stand out like the glass heaters.

Lov em and in stock...

Another quality Aquael product.....:clap2::clap2:



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Is there a 300watt on the market?

No, but I wish they did do a 300w one, that would be perfect.

Is this a challenge?

Hmmm well I know with the little heater that comes with the Shrimp Sets that Aquael do, I have smashed on the counter just to show how tuff they and not even a dint, so a challenge it is....lol

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The link is not working John, keeps coming back with Category not found.

I have put this one in to see if it works.

Aquael Easyheater Professional 150 Watt - Unbreakable - Will not overheat or burn.

Great idea, hopefully aquael will come out with the 300w soon

Sorry - do not know what happened. There is also another heater that I would like to see come to Australia but by the time it is all done and 6-8 weeks on a boat the cold spell will almost be over.

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