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E yellow, blue peacock, red forest jewel and a Severum.

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Don't really want to do this, but I've got an electric yellow, a blue stripy peacock, a red forest jewel and a severum with a deformed dorsal fin that I need to re home, they came with a tank purchase and they don't suit the tank, they are around 10-15 cm big.

Each will eat frozen blood worms, pellet food and thee forest jewel will eat any fish he can fit in his mouth( which is bigger then it looks)

I would really appreciate some sought of payment, such as driftwood, plants, some corys, bristle nose, lights, filters, anything really!! But this is not a necessity, I won't give these fish to just anyone either, you must prove that you will look after them and have a suitable tank for them! And I will not in anyway drop these fish off. If you were to go to a lfs, these fish would cost you around $40-$50 each.

Please either pm me on here or text/call me on 0432619225..

Pictures will only be provided if you are serious!



Aka BarryToucher ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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