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Continuum Halcyon Reef Salt Now Available

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Continuum Aquatics Halcyon Marine Reef Salt Now Available online & In store. $129.00 for a 20.1kg Bucket or $59.00 for a 6.7kg bag. Specs Below -


Halcyon Marine Reef Salt Mix is a precisely formulated and manufactured mix of all of the necessary inorganic components of natural seawater in the proper ratios. It is manufactured in small batches in our own factory under tight quality controls and is not simply another company’s product labeled with our brand. It does not utilize any natural seawater desalinization residue or wastes, but is entirely manufactured from reagent grade, pharmaceutical grade, and tested and assayed ingredients. This assures the finest quality salt available anywhere in the world. Halcyon has been developed through decades of testing and experience manufacturing salt mixes, not merely months, as other salts claim. Halcyon combines the highest level of marine chemistry with the utmost knowledge of reef aquarium husbandry.

Halcyon, when mixed as directed, is formulated to provide a salinity of 35 ppt or a specific gravity of 1.026 g/cm3 (temperature corrected), alkalinity of 2.7 meq/l or 7.5 dKH, pH of 8.3, a calcium level of 415 ppm, and a magnesium level of 1,290 ppm. These are perfect values for the keeping and propagating of stony, particularly small polyped stony, corals and other invertebrates and fishes in reef aquariums. Halcyon is well suited for use in all marine and brackish aquariums when specific gravity is adjusted for the needs of the inhabitants.

Link - Age of Aquariums - Continuum Halcyon Marine Reef Salt

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