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Not cheap hey. I've spent well over $1000 already and I'm only about half way there. Shop around though, different products are cheaper at different stores. Even Bunnings was cheaper than the competition on one part 0_o

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And it's only one tank! The price you pay for quality I guess :noidea:

Interesting Dural Irrigation cost $337 for the same set up, although they didn't have some pieces that The Irrigation Shop did, so I just substituted in those missing prices. Cheers for the suggestion [MENTION=4218]tanah4128[/MENTION] looks like you may have saved me a fair bit of $$$

Will have to have a look at Bunnings now, and all other places! Cheers matt a

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If your looking for ways to save on plumbing costs then re-look at your design. While it's true that a pipe diameter twice as big will put through four times the flow, the cost of bigger diameter pressure pipe and fittings will rapidly increase as well so you may be better off with 2 x 25mm drain than a single 40mm one. I prefer to keep everything at 25mm where possible. Not only for better volume pricing but for interchangeability and ease of parts. Look at your pressure ratings because class 6 is much cheaper than class 18 and aquarium systems don't need much pressure. In fact, I rarely glue pipe joins to make it easier to clean, re-use, and to eliminate the need for expensive barrel unions. I also make my own bulkheads, strainers and drains. Sometimes a very complicated section can be replaced with custom bend pieces.

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[MENTION=470]aquaholic99[/MENTION] I set up an excel spreadsheet, getting the prices for all of my parts in 50mm, 40mm, 32mm, and 25mm and comparing the cost differences. The following is for prices from Dural Irrigation. The reason I am choosing 32mm is for redundancy, so even if two of my drains/intakes somehow block up, the final pipe can handle all the flow from the pump. Also because I am using the Bean Animal overflow, I'll need three pipes anyway. The reason for this is silence, as my 5 foot is right alongside my bed. So that in mind, this is the cost for the set up.

IntakeReturnTotal Cost

50mm 50mm 556.2

40mm 527.1

32mm 506.5

25mm 481.2

40mm 50mm 439.6

40mm 410.5

32mm 389.9

25mm 364.6

32mm 50mm 366.1

40mm 337

32mm 316.4

25mm 291.1

25mm 50mm 295

40mm 265.9

32mm 245.3

25mm 220

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I still think you're doing something wrong. The cost seems excessive.

If you can find it cheaper for the following parts, by all means let me know! This is all about ease of maintenance as well, as it will eventually have auto water changer and auto water top off, with a drain in the plumbing accommodating that. Also remember this is Bean Animal overflow, so that's three intakes into the sump, and one return. Also using tru union ball valves and unions in case I have to change, unblock, or something unexpected to the pipes.

Item # needed

Tru-Union 32mm 4

Ball 32mm 2

Gate 32mm 1

Barrel Union 32mm 4

PVC 32mm p/m 8

32mm Tee 4

32mm 90° 1

32mm 45° 6

Female Faucet 90° 32mm 3

Y Piece 32mm 2

32mm Cap 2

Philmac Threaded 1 1/4" 32mm 3

32mm Bulkheads 4

32mm Strainer 3

PVC Valve (Male) Adaptor 32mm 7

PVC Faucet (Female) Adaptor 32mm 4

Black Reinforced 32mm 1

6mm Vinyl tubing 1

Toro uPVC Solvent Cement 1000ml 1

Toro Red Priming Fluid 1000ml 1

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It's great! Very relaxing to go to sleep next to, as for the internals, not enough filtration and I prefer the tank space to be available for the fish :P but I will have on in there as well.

Far out that is a lot of plumbing! $$$$$$$$$$$$ ahaha

Sorry - I meant internal sump. Within your tank.

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You might need to explain it all a bit better. Working back from the BeanAnimal site, you can put together everything in this picture below (or similar to) for about $90 with the exception of the John Guest fittings (less than $10 elsewhere), the strainers, and the pipe itself.

I'm guessing your shopping list is covering plumbing within the sump as well as returns etc. Regardless you are still overdoing it.

I think you need to break it down into 3 sections: tank outlet assembly (the picture below), sump assembly, and return assembly. If you're not getting a good chunk of change out of $200 you need to rethink as I cannot see why it should be costing any more than that.


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Looking at it in more detail, the bean animal design is way overkill. There are several design elements which I cannot see how they would be necessary under any conditions. I think you can follow the basic concept and improve the design to do the whole build for under $100.

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