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Rhodactis split,yay.

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Got home an hour or so ago and noticed, “my first of this mushroom coral/anemone that I have ever had, or seen in our neck of the woods”, had split,:clap2::clap2:.

No I have never kept one and due to warmer waters from climate change around here, they arrived late last year from what I can see on the sunshine coast, possibly with the green hammers of three I found up there.

This is because the spot I found five of them has never had them and nearly knowing every rock or reef section in SEQ I have never any in SEQ before!

That doesn’t mean that they were not around somewhere, but not where I have been.

Five small ones were there and 3 are still there, so hope fully they will keep expanding in their colony as no one will find them at the spot I go to out of seven for crays or our endemic dotty back.

I had no idea what it actually was, well I thought they were morphs until the helpful guys over on reef central helped me out with the ID of these inverts, that I have not had at all, not in my 34 years of reefing.

Mine are whoppers now compared to the ones I found!

Mum and the kid,lol.


As usual, for lots of reef or oceanic knowledge, this is the clubs website.

South East Queensland Marine Aquarium Society

Oh and guys if you are collecting in any kind of saltwater these are your regulations to follow, if not associated with a commercial license, please follow them!

Ocean fishing/collecting regulations on gear to collect with.

Fishing gear for tidal waters

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