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Saratoga lei Eoi

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Hey have my saratoga up for sale eoi

Was planing to keep and upgrade tanks but uni killed that idear.

He/she is a bit bigger that 40cm eats pellets white bait(frozen) and the odd cull

Housed with peacock bass, flag tails, sailfin, one male convict and bumblebee cats. Is not aggressive towards other fish, gets bossy when the bass steal his food before him but other wise pretty chill.

Pickup camira 4300

Looking for offers north of 150



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post-11301-14711631614355_thumb.jpgStill up for grabs all hard work done for you, eats pellets and frozen foods, lives with a mixture of other fish. Prefer to sell to someone who knows what there doing and can give him a good home over price.


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