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I have a pond with, among other things, a pair of roughly 3 year old oscars. Every now and then, some of the other pond mates develop a little fuzz for which I've found PondCare Melafix can be quite helpful. The concentration of this is 45.8 g/L Cajeput Oil dosed at 5-10ml per 200L. I can't remember the exact amount but I think normal tank Melafix is around 12%. Even dosing at 5ml per 200L, within seconds of adding to the water, both oscars go beserk, quite literally doing backflips, sommersults and all manner of bizare behaviour. This generally settles in 30 seconds to a minute and their back to their usual mostly coy behaviour. I'm wondering what is going on with these guys? Is it an adverse reaction or just like the concentration is a little overwealming until mixed through? I have never seen them act so intensely to other additives, including salt, peroxide and so on. The PondCare Melafix recommends treatment for 7 days but given their strong reaction I'm relucant to use it more than every 2nd or 3rd day. Has anyone come across anything similar with oscars?


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