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Eoi: G & J Maher 4x2x2 display quality complete set up

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Thinking about selling but as it's such a beautiful piece if furniture is in perfect condition and is about 12 months old not sure. Looking for a high enough offer to convince us to sell as it has cost about 2k to set up. .

Comes with everything pictured

And mountains of food

The stand alone has a rrp of $995


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Pick up from Redbank Plains or delivery can be negotiated

Stand, hood, 10mm glass, it has Mahers sliding lids, a 4ft Aqua one t8, nautilus 2700 with 6L of marine pure, 1L of macropore + matrix and other media, Jebo 24w uv, huge piece of driftwood, river sand, fake plants, lava rock, bristlenose caves, 7 bristlenose, glass painted black on back and base so can be run bare bottom without looking ugly

Comes with everything pictured and mountains of food

I am sure there are more things I have missed

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