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FS: Assorted plants: HC, ferns, crypts, swords, anubias, bolbitis etc..CHEAP CAN POST

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Assorted crypts $15 for 2 pots (4 available)

HC CARPETING PLANT $10 a pot 1 left

Various amazon swords $8 a large plant -2 left

$5 a small/mid plant -1 left

Express post is $12, $16 or $26 depending on how many plants u buy. Call me on 0478173368 or shoot us a private message. Pick up welcome from wellington point





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Hi, please forgive the stupid questions.... Which of these is most likely to spread as a ground over? Also, are there plants here that are better suited to a tank without added co2? I am keen for more live plants, and am in Birkdale, so perfect location for me :-)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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