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My Fishroom.... kinda

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Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd share... We moved recently into a bigger house, doesn't have a shed..yet. But it did give me the opportunity to have a room for my fish tanks. For any of you that have followed my previous posts you will know that I had 2 Juwel Rio 400 tanks. Since the move I have scored an 8x2x2 so I can rehouse my Oscars and other Americans. The Tank came with stand and hood in a classic teak colonial style, not really fitting in with the look of my Juwels, so I pulled it apart gave it a coat of paint and here is the result....post-9219-14711631660365_thumb.jpg

So here it is all setup, currently cycling it using neat ammonia, I am using a seeded filter that has been running on the Juwel tanks for the last month and I did rehouse the rocks and silk plant from the American tank to aid in the process...


And this is a fish eye view (panoramic) to give you the idea


So Im currently running and eheim 2080 (1700lph) with the tank and I'm just waiting on delivery of an eheim 1262 to attach to and eheim 2260 (thanks to a tip I got from litigator666) to up the flow rate from 2400lp to 3400lph. Im also using to tunze 6065's at 6500lph for circulation. The heater is a Titan 1000W. So I'll be moving over my 3 Oscars, 1 Jag, ! Gold Severum, 1 Red Devil, 1 Flagtail, I hope to add to that in the coming weeks a Synspillum, Texas, Festae and Parrot.

Cheers and thanks for reading


PS... special thanks to Isee and jcumpstay for the advice on the blue vinyl here.....http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-trader-13/blue-vinyl-wrap-107302/

Ive said it before and I mean it... I LOVE THIS FORUM, so many helpful people and lots of good advice to be had here!!


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