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Hello from a new member :)

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Hi everyone,

Very excited to be a part of this forum.

Have been perusing through to get advice and ideas from all you experienced aquarists so thanks in advance and anticipate to get started and set up my tank :)

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Thanks for the welcome everyone :)

[MENTION=12589]Bear[/MENTION] I was gifted a 40L tank but upon research it seems a quite limiting capacity so I may consider perhaps either a dwarf gourami or a betta? Or maybe a few of a small bodied fish variety?

Although upon joining this community I found out about shrimp and it seems quite appealing and probably more appropriate for my small tank?

Just focussing on plants, ornaments, substrate, filter, heater and embarking on the cycling process at the moment so I do have some time to think about it :)

But suggestions are most welcome :eyebrows:

Will do Donny@ageofaquariums won't hesitate to ask if I find myself a bit stuck especially since everybody seems so friendly and helpful and full of knowledge :)

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