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Male Betta in community tank?! Possible???

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I've got a male crown tail betta that is currently in a 1 ft 30lt tank with a small bristlenose but if it's possible I'd love to put these two into either of my bigger tanks so I can retire the little tank.

My 3 options if this is possible are as follows:

Tank 1 - tropical community 4x2x2

Harlequin rasboras

Scissor tail rasboras

Pair Rosetta barbs

Glass catfish

Danios asst

Angelfish (large and small)


Clown loaches

Pakistani loaches

Silver sharks

Neon tetras

Black ghost knife

Tank 2 - community tank 2x2x18

Purple rasboras

Bumblebee goby

Fancy guppies

Red cherry shrimp

Tank 3 - goldfish tank

Red cap orandas


Panda moor

Large angelfish

All these fish get along well with each other with no fighting aside from the one angelfish now in with the goldfish who enjoyed body slamming the other fish against the tank. She's stopped that now...lol

I'll take on board anyone's suggestions. He's a beautiful betta who I feed betta pellets every second day and dry worms every other day. Want to keep him safe and well so let me know your thoughts!!

Cheers. Luke!

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If he is happy in the 30 litre tank, leave him!!! I can tell you from experience betta fins do not grow back well, if at all. All of your larger tanks contain fish that would pose a threat to him...... Don't risk it.

Your bristlenose on the other hand would probably do well in any of your tanks, as long as he is too big to be eaten by the existing inhabitants.

Ps: Once a male betta has damaged fins, it becomes worthless.

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Suggestions taken on board, I won't be putting him in one of the other tanks. What about with red cherry shrimp? I now have a nano tank, maybe 50L which I'd put him in possibly.

Reason being I want to get rid of the crappy tank he's in. If he'll go in with shrimp then I'll chuck the BN in one of the other tanks and put him in with the shrimp.

Thanks again

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Red Cherry Shrimp make a good snack for fighters =) I personally have been able to keep them with a female betta to no I'll effect as I kept her fed with an abundance of black worms and gave the shrimps plenty of places to hide

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I just upgraded my betta with three endlers and some red cherry shrimp into a 30L tank from a 16L. As a general rule, endlers/guppies and fighters get along quite well (just don't buy the long finned endlers/guppies). I also have another tank with a fighter, flying siamese fox and an otocinclus which is working out quite well, but that is a 2ft 60L tank with more plants than you could poke a stick at. That and the fighter is the laziest bugger you could ever meet. I had guppies in that tank too but I had a camallanus worm outbreak and killed my poor little guys. There was about 2 seconds of aggression from my fighter when he was introduced to them and then he couldn't be bothered chasing them, and when they died he got all mopey and sad. All of my tanks have red cherry shrimp in them for the cleanup crew and entertainment for the bettas (they hunt them).

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I have three female and one male fighter in my community tank, all peaceful species, neons (orange,black,standard tetra) khuli loaches, corydoras, platies, two male and one female dwarf gourami, red tail shark, cherry shrimp, bristlenose, rummynose, guppies (endlers and fancies), Siamese algae eaters and danios.

The only issue I have most is the shark staunching out the female dwarf gourami, one highfin platy male chashing another male platy constantly (he's been moved to another tank with only endlers)

The only time the male fighter has been aggressive with anything else is when they come too near or are in his bubble nest, he just chases them away.

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