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FS Java ferns on wood

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This lady is an awesome seller , Australia Post sent the parcel to Melbourne and then back to Bundaberg and despite their best efforts to kill the plants they arrived safe and well thanks to the superb packing

A seller highly recommended by me ... thank you for the extras :clap2:

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Do you ever come down Scarborough way? I'd be interested in a couple.

Sorry, Morayfield is the closest I get to civilisation.

For anyone still interested, here is a pic of what's left atm.


As shown by the Seachem bottle, these plants are larger, not suited to small tanks.

Also available several pieces of Anubia nana grown on wood. Ideal for foregrounds,

easy to move around. Price from $5 to $8.


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I just picked up a few pieces of java fern from [MENTION=6434]bluebelle[/MENTION] and I must say they are as magnificent as the drive to get to her house! I was only supposed to buy two but I managed to 'persuade' her to let me have another piece that wasn't for sale :eyebrows: Stunning java fern on driftwood and a great person to boot. Many thanks.

Oh and btw, if that other buyer pulls out, let me know and I will buy the rest :dance:

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