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FS - Misc plants

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A few more of what's available:

Echinodorus frilly (smaller sword with attractive ruffled leaves) $10


Creted Java fern $12 (normal Java $8 for 30cm bunch)


Lilaeopsis brasiliensis $8 a pot, 2 for $15


Rotala rotundifolia $1.50/stem


Bulbitis $10ea


Also have crypts, Lobelia, hairgrass and others available :eyebrows:

Postage from $5

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So bury them into glass cups with propagating sand is ok.

Hmm, not sure about the glass cups as that would really seal them off and restrict their growth alot, which is cool if you want to keep them very contained. Otherwise maybe consider just small plant pots with propagating sand. Actually these are all pretty easy going plants so i'd be surprised if they didn't spread even in the sand you have in your tank.

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