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LED lighting continues to push the boundaries of what it means to light an aquarium. Kessils has evolved with the times to provide the perfect lighting solution for the specific lighting needs of our aquariums.

In particular Kessil has embraced the shimmer effect that creates a natural and very beautiful lighting effect.

The 34 watt models, are known as A150W and come in 4 varieties.


Choose from the warm tropical planted 6700K, to the crisp bright 10,000K, to a dazzling clean white/blue 15,000K and the hypnotic deep ocean blue 20,000K.

The Kessils A150W is perfect light for smaller tanks, its unobtrusive design makes maintenance a breeze and keeps the aesthetics of high end displays.

Kessils can also be employed in groups for dramatic lighting of large tanks. The nature of beams offers the option to create highlighted and shaded areas as desired. Enabling the keeping of both high light and low light life in the same aquarium.

Another popular option is employing Kessils as supplementary lighting. This gives the chance to create a HC lawn in a moss tank or an sps coral stand in a zoa display.

Recently the Amazon Sun model has received an LED upgrade (15% brighter than the normal W series) and is now known as the A150WE.


The 90 Watt models, are known as the A360, and we currently have stock of both the A360WE Tuna Blue and the A360NE Tuna Blue.

The A360 is a true powerhouse that brings flexibility and customisation while still retaining the clean minimalist aesthetics that Kessils users appreciate so much.

Famously taking the crown in the 2012 Reef Builders LED showdown, the A360 has gone on to become one of the most loved bits of reefing equipment in the hobby.

The latest models push the technology even more, and not just with a 15% increase in light output. They also bring external controllability thanks to compatibility with popular controllers and Kessil Logic which makes getting the best performance out of the light a breeze.

As power has grown more expensive, smarter more efficient lighting such as the Kessils has kept the high end reef within reach of all aquarists.

Kessils have proven reliability, which stems from their meticulous quality control and sourcing of only the highest quality components.

There is no need to settle for anything but the best!

Check out their brochure for more information

Sold separately we also have Kessils accessories including the A series Gooseneck, 90 degree Gooseneck adapter, unit link cable and the Apex controller cable.

To finish our introduction please enjoy some coral photography under Kessils.

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Just placed a Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue over the display reef at AOA.

Dam is that a good looking light!

Will try remember to get some pictures tomorrow.

Also for those lucky enough to have an Apex, heres some infomation on programing your kessil with it.

Not bad for starters, but well worth tweaking to get it perfectly to taste!

Sample Program for Kessil A360W

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OK snapped some pretty average shots...... just cant capture the visual appearance of this tank with my little camera. Will have to get Dean to have a go at it. Even so......... interesting.

First up is a series of shots taken as I ramp the K all the way up!

This is first thing in the morning, and these corals were placed in this tank the night before....... so they are mostly still closed.





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