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Hi there,

New to the hobby, have started doing a bit of online reading.

Just wondering if people can give me some information/do's and don't's about setting up a Saltwater Aquarium. I'd be looking at a 5ft setup and this will be a hobby of mine.

I'd basically be looking at a (I'm sure you've heard it a lot) Nemo type setup (clownfish, yellow/blue tangs, bannerfish). Is this achieveable in a 5ft setup, if so what sort of population would I be looking at?

Next off would be the equipment as to what I would need as from the research I've done there are quite a few bits and people's opinions differ quite a lot.

If there's anything I've missed or anything I should be doing before looking at equipment, please advise me as I'm all ears.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting/hearing from some of you,


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