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The peppermint bn stalk has visited my house!!

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(.. I meant stork..the bird, not the plant.. lol I think it's bedtime XD )

So, the boyfriend randomly looked at the tank on his way to work the other afternoon, and found a small group of orange eggs at the side of the tank.


So, I set the tumbler up and after a few days of monitoring and removing the off-coloured fungus balls, I have 12 little tails that have got fat and almost absorbed their egg.


Now I'm stuck and google is being difficult.

Do I leave them in the tumbler for a bit longer and just feed them in their own little space?

Or do I let them loose and put a few pieces of cucumber around the tank for them to explore and find?

It's a 2ft tank, with only has 3x 8cm (ish) peps in it.. so there's no risk of them getting eaten. I just don't know if they'll find the food and be okay swimming around in the tank yet?

They're getting darker and I'm pretty sure they'll have absorbed the rest of their egg by tomorrow.

Thanks for any help you can offer!! :)

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Congrats! what I usually do is put the fries in fry saver with Indian almond leaf and little bits of driftwoods for them to hide. Easier to monitor and clean. peps fries are hard to get them start eating so zucchini might be better then cucumber. Good luck!

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Thanks muchly :D .. I'll have to dust it off and wash it out, haha (I got angry with it last time I used it and it ended up in a cupboard somewhere).

How long do you normally wait until you let them roam free in the tank?

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Thanks a bunch, lollies :)

Moved them into the fry saver and gave them zucchini and they were all over it like a fat kid on cake.. they're a whole 1.2cm long.. SO CUTE. I might keep them in there for a while so they get nice and fat ^_^

Because everyone likes pictures:


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Everything was going great (minus a couple dead here and there, I guess natural selection did the culling for me..) .. until the suction cap let go and a couple escaped into the big wide world of tankdom. They survived overnight, but the extra cucumber/zucchini everywhere made the water go super funky.. So I promoted them all to tanklings.. They seem pretty happy doing laps and sticking onto the glass.. so hopefully they adjust alright and get big and fat regardless. They can't fit in the intake (which was my biggest concern) and I'm assuming if daddy pep did his job they would all be free swimming by now anyway, right?

Twiddle dee and twiddle dumb made it easy to measure them :D 1.4cm... a LITTLE smaller than I was hoping for, but the tank is only 2ft so hopefully they'll clean the glass and eat the wood and be good for me.


Is that green okay for them to eat? I've been razor blading it off but got a bit slack between water changes, study and kitten.


Does daddy fish want to go again? I caught him wrestling one of the smaller ones (assuming it's female) in the smaller log, but I don't think he won. He's been like this for the last couple of days.


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